"This was the most satisfying mastering experience of my life. Exquisite master, thank you from the bottom of my heart." – JD Souther (Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor)
"I like the way it breathes, almost like the compressor/limiter holds it up in the air, like the 'old' days. Great work." – Dave Davies (The Kinks)
"Thank you! You are such an artist. Between you and Jim Anderson you could eat the sound." – Patricia Barber (Blue Note recording artist)
"God, Alan, I will always say your name in reverential tones from this day hence! What a masterful job of melding the disparate elements together. Just wonderful... nothing missing, nothing intruding... affectionately, Jim" – Jimmy Webb
"I felt as though I had heard my recordings for the first time." – Judy Collins (re-mastering of 1962-1965 analog master tapes)
"Wonderful! I've never heard mastering do what yours did. The music jumped off the page. What you do is breathtaking and magnificent." – Jane Ira Bloom (Winner - Jazz Journalists' Soprano Sax Of The Year 2001)
"You did such amazing things with the sound -- you are practically a member of the band!" – Nora York
"This is the best mastering job I've ever heard. Thanks for the great and caring work." – Todd Barkan (Artistic Director - Jazz at Lincoln Center)
"Oh my God, Alan. Master approved!! Beautiful, refined and unique. We are touched by your brilliant work!" – Miranda Kassin (Brazil)
"Sonic wizardry!" – Bob Christianson (Composer/Great Immediately Productions)
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Arf Services

High-resolution Stereo and Surround Mastering
World-class analog and digital mastering for CD, Hybrid SACD, DVD-A and DVD-V. Accommodation of all high-resolution formats including 96k, 192k, and Direct Stream Digital. Stereo and multi-channel monitoring certified to ITU, Dolby and THX standards.

Remastering and Restoration
Ultra-high quality restoration of vintage recordings suitable for SACD and DVD-A release. State-of-the-art de-noise and de-crackle processing. Revolutionary ReNOVAtor technology to remove extraneous sounds such as coughs and studio noises from a recording at SACD and DVD-A quality. Recent restorations include original recordings by Django Reinhardt, Shorty Rogers, Gene Kelly, Noel Coward, and Nelson Riddle.

Stereo-to-Surround Conversion
Proprietary techniques for creating an exciting and musical surround presentation from a wide variety of existing stereo masters. High-resolution quality suitable for SACD, DVD-A and DVD-V.

Music Editing
Experienced music editing that sometimes seems to accomplish the impossible.

Music Master Sound-for-Picture
Combines all the above with leading-edge audio post-production techniques to create award-winning surround and stereo soundtracks for HDTV, DVD-V, theatrical release film and broadcast television. A unique combination of skills and experience tailored especially for outstanding live music specials and music documentaries. Recent films mixed at Arf! include Cheap Trick "From Tokyo To You," "American Roots Music" (Emmy nominee for outstanding achievement in music and sound,) Peter Paul & Mary "Carry It On," Judy Collins "Wildflower Festival," The Weavers "Isn't This A Time" (feature presentation - Toronto Film Festival,) Barbara Cook "Mostly Sondheim," and "An Evening With Harry Belafonte and Friends."