"This was the most satisfying mastering experience of my life. Exquisite master, thank you from the bottom of my heart." – JD Souther (Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor)
"I like the way it breathes, almost like the compressor/limiter holds it up in the air, like the 'old' days. Great work." – Dave Davies (The Kinks)
"Thank you! You are such an artist. Between you and Jim Anderson you could eat the sound." – Patricia Barber (Blue Note recording artist)
"God, Alan, I will always say your name in reverential tones from this day hence! What a masterful job of melding the disparate elements together. Just wonderful... nothing missing, nothing intruding... affectionately, Jim" – Jimmy Webb
"I felt as though I had heard my recordings for the first time." – Judy Collins (re-mastering of 1962-1965 analog master tapes)
"Wonderful! I've never heard mastering do what yours did. The music jumped off the page. What you do is breathtaking and magnificent." – Jane Ira Bloom (Winner - Jazz Journalists' Soprano Sax Of The Year 2001)
"You did such amazing things with the sound -- you are practically a member of the band!" – Nora York
"This is the best mastering job I've ever heard. Thanks for the great and caring work." – Todd Barkan (Artistic Director - Jazz at Lincoln Center)
"Oh my God, Alan. Master approved!! Beautiful, refined and unique. We are touched by your brilliant work!" – Miranda Kassin (Brazil)
"Sonic wizardry!" – Bob Christianson (Composer/Great Immediately Productions)
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